Is your furry, four-legged child adding onto  your stress at home? As cute as they are, it would be great if they weren’t pulling you down the street, jumping up on everyone you meet, or barking without end. If you are ready to be rid of the negative emotions (the fear, the frustration, anger) or to take care of the issues before they escalate, Sarah’s Pet Care Revolution can help with our customized training program: 


Here at SPCR, our philosophy is “your dog is a member of your family.” Just like human children, dogs need the love, nurture, education, and support provided by the rest of the family to thrive in their environment. Our program is a family-based “lifestyle program” that teaches families how to appropriately communicate with their canine family members to bring out desirable behaviors. These programs are individually tailored to fit your family, your dog, and your goals for living harmoniously.

Most of us are familiar with the notion of “alpha dog. However, as we  learn more about wild populations of dogs and their canine cousins, we are finding that they operate using a cooperative family system. Wolves and other wild dogs live in family groups consisting of parents and their offspring. Their dominance hierarchy rarely changes, with mom and dad serving as leaders of the pack. We, too, can be leaders of the pack, but we can do so by using cooperation and consistent guidance rather than aggression and domination.

Don’t take our word for it–hear the barks of approval from others!

“What a difference in my life Angie’s training has made! Roux even seems happier and looks for direction now. My and my pups’ quality of life is actually better because I can now take them places and have guests over. Who knew how drastic a change a few hours a week could make?”

“When my almost 2 year old Aussie started showing fear of strangers and leash reactivity toward new dogs, I approached Angie for private training classes. Angie was quite familiar with my dog, Callie, and formulated a detailed lesson plan. At our first lesson, Callie could not even remain calm with “strangers” within 25 feet or so. With gradual work, Callie became more comfortable on walks and learned coping skills for being out in the world. We still have room for improvement, but she is much more equipped to interact with her environment.”

“I loved working with Angie and Sarah. Our dog has some severe anxiety as well as lots of protective behavioral issues. With both of their patience and tailored advice I feel like there is hope for dog. We needed her to be better with strangers and to be calm around our cats. At the end of our sessions I truly believe that Mia (the dog) is going to be a very successful with alterating her behavior. 

I think hiring Angie was the best decision have ever made for Mia. Now we have the tools to have her be a happier and calmer dog- which in turn will make the home life easier for both humans and other furry babies! I highly recommend this service for anyone who is having trouble with their pet. If we waited a year longer or so Mia may have been too set in her ways.”


Behavior Assessment (2 hours)……………….$125

Training Session (Family/Individual) (1 hour)…………$75-$100


Workbook pages

(2) Video summary and homework

Written summary and homework (Additional $25)

*Each program is a minimum of 2 sessions. The total number of sessions in each program varies based on individual needs of the family.

*Behavior assessment can stand alone.

In our program, we will:

  • Identify problem behaviors and goals for your pet’s transformation through a program tailored for your pet and family
  • Provide one-on-one expert attention and coaching for both your pet AND you in your own home
  • Assess the program continually and course-correcting for a successful outcome
  • Use a variety of different techniques and methods based on different learning styles
  • Give you clear instructions, guidelines, and actions to take to ensure you achieve significant results

Meet the Trainer

Angie Nguyen received a degree in Animal Science from California Polytechnic State University. She gained experience at the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley, the Charles Paddock Zoo, San Luis Obispo Animal Services, the Audubon Zoo, and Central Bark Doggy Day Care. She joined Sarah’s Pet Care Revolution in February 2014 as the Pet Sitter for the Midcity/Lakeview area, worked with Sarah to initiate and develop the company’s PreK-9 Socialization Sessions and Redirect to Relax individual training program.  Her ability to key in on strategies for each individual animal and her talent in creating structures for families that work make her the ideal trainer for SPCR’s clients.